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Warsaw for children and parents

Your children will not know what boredom means discovering the legends and fairy tales of Warsaw, spying on the main characters of Warsaw’s legends.
• to get to know all spooky stories of Warsaw’s Old Town
• to find a sister of Andersen‘s Mermaid in Warsaw
• to do a Mermaid race counting
• to see a wishes request bell
• to spot the Polish kings‘ presence
• to find a lost city around the Palace of Culture and Science (optional visit to Warsaw’s view deck on the top of Palace of Culture and Science)
• to visit the most amazing garden on the building’s roof
Participants: 1-4 people
Cost: 3-4 hours: 100 Euro per tour per up to 4 people
Please contact me for the price of a bigger group
Price includes: guiding service, tax, car transportation, parking fees
Additional costs: Optional – visit to the deck of Palace of Culture and Science