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Jewish Heritage tour of Warsaw and Treblinka.

Once a vivid Varshe or Warsze today is a capital that tries to recall the missing past and brings its charm to the future of a hectic metropolitan life of East Europe. Most of its Jewish residents have perished in Treblinka, being deported in summer 1942 from Umschalgplatz.
Go back to Warsaw’s past, where original stones and bricks, that survived the horror of the past stay still silently in their own place.
We could go against the time machine and discover the beauty of the past, that rested only in some place of the area of former Ghetto, touch its cruel past in the remains of Ghetto’s Walls, the orphanage of Janusz Korczak, the Warsaw’s Synagogue, the only street remained from Warsaw’s Ghetto, Chłodna street and building of Nordwache.
Today only the Jewish cemetery of Warsaw proves that the colorful past of Jewish heritage is real – 44 ha with the macevos commemorating those who were buried here in Okopowa for the last 200 years.

The Monument to Heros of Ghetto, the Umschlagplatz Monument, the bunker in Miła 18, and the disappearance of Great Synagogue and remained Jewish Institute shows the willing to live against everything….

During the 4-hours walking tour the area of former Ghetto with an introduction to the history of Polish Jews in Warsaw and Poland, from the arrivals of Jews to Masovia and Warsaw up to nowadays would be covered. Should you be tired there is possibility to have a cup of coffee in Prozna Street.

Afterwards we would travel to Treblinka Death Camp, where Warsaw’s Jews were deported to see the very place and memorial site and to learn more of the cruelty of the past.

The entrance tickets to Synagogue, Cemetery, Jewish Institute and Treblinka, which are donations to Jewish Community and Regional Museum are extra paid.

Please contact me for a quote. Thank you.