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Warsaw Old and New Towns walking tour.

3-4 hour walking tour

To get to know:
• why Warsaw’s Old Town is a world’s heritage of UNESCO,
• why Wladyslaw Szpilman, a main character of “The Pianist” by Roman Polanski wanted to entitle his book “The death of the city”
• why Bernardo Bellotto called Canaletto, an Italian painter of XVIII century was so important for the postwar Warsaw.
The heart of Warsaw, the a-must essential Warsaw, history of Warsaw as a capital of Poland found in any single cobble stone or a brick of city walls. Walk around the most important architecture of the Old and New Towns – including Royal Castle square with Sigismund’s Column, Royal Castle – the magnificent residence of the Polish Kings and the site of Polish Parliament, narrow street of Old Town, st. John’s Cathedral, St. Martin church, Market square, the Barbican and city walls, monuments of Old Town and others.
Optional – documentary film about the destruction of Warsaw at Warsaw Historical Museum (20 min) – available in English at noon (Tuesday – Saturday) or upon requests.
Additional costs: Optional – Royal Castle entrance fee (about 5 Euro per person), documentary film about the destruction of Warsaw during WW2 at Warsaw Historical Museum (1.5 Euro per person).
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Please let me know in advance to arrange the entrances to the museums.

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